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Summer showdown meet recap

What’s up guys! After a crazy couple of days I’m finally getting around to recapping my last Powerlifting meet on September 22 at Old School Iron Cleveland. Before getting into specifics, the meet went absolutely great overall. From following through with the brutal weight cut to 180 from 215 to stepping on the platform in

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Stupid Pump Leg Workout!

Whats up guys. This week I wanted to share with you one of the best leg workouts I have had in recent memory. The pump was unreal! The goal is to get as much blood into your quads and hamstrings in as little time as possible, so expect to get some cardio in here too.

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Learning to Compete

At my first powerlifting competition in August 2015 I made my fair share of rookie mistakes that really opened my eyes to the sport. Here are just a few examples: Mistake #1: I started the day by poorly timing my squat warmups, I waited too long to start and before I knew it I was

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How To: Incline Dumbbell Curls

For someone who is supposed to be a powerlifter I sure love to train my biceps. And after reading through Arnold Schwarzenegger’s New Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding I have been extra inspired to put some inches on to my arms, and I have been implementing some tried and true Golden Era bicep curl variations to

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How to Align Your Training with Your Goals

We all love to train hard, and we all love to reach our goals, whether than means adding 10 lbs to our deadlift or shredding down for the summer and sporting a six pack. But to reach those goals, we must have a game plan to get there! One issue I see in gym goers

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How and When to Use Bodybuilding Training to Become a Better Powerlifter

I can remember when I first made the transition to powerlifting from men’s physique 3 years ago, being told that powerlifting training and bodybuilding training are two completely different things, and that I would have to abandon one training style completely to improve at the other. However, I am of the belief that when used

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