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Training Log: 5/19/20

Garage Gym Arm Day Warmup: 2-3 sets Barbell curls x25 Band pushdowns x25 Set 1: x4 Db Alt curl: x12-15 each  Ez bar skull crushers: 10 chin/10 behind head Plate curl: x20-25  Set 2: x4 Overhead DB extension: x15-20 Cable triceps ext: x15/15 partials on final set Dbell Preacher curl: x10-20 15 partials on last

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Top 5 Moves For a Bigger Chest

1. Incline Dumbbell Press: To me this is the king of all chest exercises (not the barbell bench press, we’ll get to that later). A big UPPER chest is the key to creating a more full look and the incline dumbbell press is in my experience the most effective for this purpose as it gives

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5 Squat Cues to Help You Set a PR!

Its been a while since I’ve dropped some knowledge on here but I’m happy to be back! In this article I wanted to discuss 5 simple squat cues that when applied correctly can add a quick 10, 20, 30, heck maybe even 50 lbs to your squat in next to no time. Tip 1: Set

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Jeromy Bryk

8 Week Deadlift Progression

The following template is an example of a progression that can be used to peak the deadlift leading into a powerlifting meet or used at your own leisure when testing a true one rep max. The program is written assuming that you have access to bands, chains and maybe a deadlift bar but you can

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The Front Squat: The Most Beneficial Exercise You May Not Be Doing

For me, Front Squats are second only to good mornings in overall carryover to the squat and deadlift. In other words, Front Squats are a phenomenal main accessory movement that is highly underutilized often due to the degree of difficulty and discomfort that they are known to cause. However, I believe you are missing out

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