Another Meet Prep

What’s up guys, wanted to write this post to give a bit of an update on my training currently. Although I’ve remained very quiet about it for the most part on social media I do have a meet planned on September 22nd at my home gym, Old School Iron in Cleveland, OH. After my classic physique show in March my game plan was to take the remainder of 2018 off to build back my strength and size and ultimately just give my mind and body a break after the grind of contest prep for the show. However, as I started to train heavy again in mid June into July and started to see my numbers return to normal while experimenting with some new programming I decided to throw my hat in the ring and jump into the meet September 22nd. Training has been fun progress has been continual, and I am healthy (knock on wood). No better time than to jump into a meet in my mind!

As always, I have set some lofty goals for this meet. I will be attempting to make another large weight cut which I have done several times in the past from around 202 at the time that I am writing this all the way down to the 181 weight class in hopes of putting up the biggest numbers that I am capable of in what will probably be my last run as a 181. 21 pounds sounds like a ton of weight to lose with less than 4 weeks of training left until weigh in day, but with an efficient nutrition/water cut protocol this large of a cut will effect my performance very little if it even effects it at all.

Why not stay at 198? My whole rationale behind making the cut down to 181 is 1) if the opportunity is there for me to put up a bigger total in a lower weight class to have a better chance at winning the meet, I see no reason not to take it, especially when I have full confidence in my ability to shed weight fast as a competitive bodybuilder as well. And 2), some of the best powerlifters in the world have been known to drop 20+lbs heading into a meet to make a certain weight class, and if I want to one day be mentioned with the best in the world then I need to begin honing in on my ability to make lower weight classes and giving myself an even bigger advantage come meet day. Cuts like this definitely aren’t healthy or even safe for that matter, but are part of the sport of Powerlifting whether we like it or not.

That being said, after a successful 5 months of training after I stepped off the bodybuilding stage, I am feeling stronger than ever and confident in eclipsing a 1600lb total in this meet. This would beat both my previous best at 181 of 1505 (April 2017) and my best total at 198 of 1565 (Dec 2017) rather convincingly.

So far my best lifts this far through training have been the best I’ve done at this point in training for a meet including a 585×1 on Squat, 325×3 on Bench and 605×1 beltless on deadlift. My game plan is to take 600-615 on squat as a second attempt 2 weeks out, 335-345 for a second attempt on bench 2 weeks out and 585 on deadlift 2 weeks out of the meet to finish up my training cycle before tapering for the meet.

I’ll be writing a follow up on this article leading into my peak week for the meet detailing my weight cut and process of attempt selection leading into meet day. Thanks for following along!

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